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Les Collectionneurs, an immersion into the vintage universe

The principle "always in motion" specific to the Maison is even truer when it applies to a collection of vintage watches. Enthusiasts and connoisseurs are now able to fulfill their ultimate goal of possessing these rare pieces. Carefully selected by the Heritage Department and restored according to the rules of the art within the Manufacture, these watches dating from the 20th century are now part of the collection: “Les Collectionneurs”.

An incomparable concept

Bringing together antique watches from the Maison, whether pocket watches or wristwatches, is the work of the most demanding. The goal, in short, is to offer a range of pieces which perfectly represent the spirit of Vacheron Constantin. The are many ways to discover these rare treasures, through auctions or direct contact with individuals; all that matters is the expert eye and attention to detail used to discern which models will be incorporated into Les Collectionneurs. After restoration, each watch from this exclusive collection is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and two-year guarantee: a truly unique offer in the world of watchmaking. 

A link between past and present

Strongly tied to its centuries-old heritage, the Maison provides two decisive values within the offer of Les Collectionneurs: expertise and heritage. During its 264 years of existence, Vacheron Constantin has amassed a wealth of priceless archives which allows it to retrace the history of each watch and precisely establish all of its characteristics. The uninterrupted process of production since its early origins enables the Manufacture to repair or restore any watch to look like the original which has come from its workshop, whatever its age may be. A feat which only the best creative artisans and watchmakers are able to accomplish.

An exemplary restoration

Before being included into Les Collectionneurs, pocket watches dating from 1910 to 1930 as well as any wristwatches predating 1970 are subject to a double expert assessment. It starts with a historical evaluation to authenticate the piece against the Maison’s archives, which categorize the cases and movements by serial number. After this, a technical evaluation aims to determine the required repair work, from a simple servicing of the watch to its complete restoration. The aim is to preserve the pieces in a state which is as close as possible to their original. If necessary, they are restored to working condition with our own components from the time period, or with the help of pieces created according to traditional techniques used within the Manufacture.

Dedicated events

Throughout the year in their Boutiques, Vacheron Constantin organizes themed events and exhibitions related to the exclusive historical models. A number of experiences which allow knowledgeable connoisseurs to discover Les Collectionneurs and educated watch-lovers to share the history of these rare models. In perfect working condition but nevertheless touched by the workings of time, these Vacheron Constantin watches are ready for a new life. Only a selected few will have the opportunity to possess them...

Heritage preservation

To preserve a heritage dating back to 1755 and to perpetuate the life of a centuries-old movement... an exclusive restoration service signed Vacheron Constantin.

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