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By your side day after day, your watch undergoes the constant onslaught of magnetic fields. Slow, excessively fast and sometimes even completely stopped... the consequences on your watch are certainly unpleasant, though the causes are commonplace and their resolutions just as easy.


Smartphone, computer, TV, audio equipment ... all these electronic devices that make up our daily lives carry magnetic waves, which are harmful to the proper functioning of your watch. The effect on a quartz watch will be limited only to the time when it is exposed to the magnetic fields. More recent watches are most often designed to withstand the weak radiation encountered frequently in everyday life, but may still suffer some disturbances linked to these phenomena – unpleasant consequences of an invisible external cause, in no way related to the quality of the product.


When it comes to mechanical watches – both manual and self-winding – these models are more sensitive to magnetic fields. Indeed, some more intense disturbances are likely to magnetize steel components of the movement. In rare cases, a magnetization effect occurs on certain sensitive steel components of the movement, including the balance spring, to highly varying perceived effects depending on the construction of the watch and the intensity of the magnetic field. Fortunately, the quite inevitable consequences of a significant slowing, speeding up or even stopping of the watch are corrected in just a few minutes.

Vacheron Constantin - Preventing the effects of magnetic fields - How do I adjust a high complication watch?
How do I adjust a high complication watch?

For watches such as the perpetual calendar models, the functions can be adjusted at our boutiques. This is crucial if the watch has stopped for a period of time and the calendar information is no longer up-to-date.


Magnetization is a reversible phenomenon and therefore you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the reliability of your watch and its movement.  With the appropriate equipment, demagnetization operations are usually quick and easy. Sometimes a slight adjustment by a watchmaker will be necessary after the intervention. In the event that your watch is not working properly, we propose carrying out a diagnosis and if necessary an immediate demagnetization free of charge in our Vacheron Constantin Boutiques.

Vacheron Constantin - Preventing the effects of magnetic fields - STATE-OF-THE-ART  SERVICE.

You should entrust the maintenance of your Vacheron Constantin timepiece to authorized watchmakers.

Services Lead Time

The servicing of a timepiece may vary depending on each particular case.

  • Polishing: 3 weeks
  • Demagnetizing: Immediate in boutique
  • Complete service:
  • Modern timepiece: 2 months (must be returned to HQ)
  • Vintage timepiece: 6 months (must be returned to HQ)

These service lead-times are approximate, to discover the exact timings we recommend you to visit one of our boutiques.

Vacheron Constantin - Preventing the effects of magnetic fields - Is the work on my watch guaranteed?
Is the work on my watch guaranteed?

Absolutely. When your Vacheron Constantin watch is repaired or serviced at one of our Service Centers or authorized boutiques, the work carried out and the components replaced will be guaranteed for two years from the date the work is completed.

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